The Key to Unlocking Your Career Success

The Key to Unlocking Your Career Success

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the team at Lead | ROLFS Global Institute, powered by L’Oréal, to talk about all things career and what it takes to stand out and build a successful and sustainable life for ourselves!

Lead | ROLFS Global Institute is a global beauty industry revolution, offering the first college and university degrees designed with the beauty professional in mind. Read on to discover top career advice from the team at Lead | ROLFS Global Institute.

What advice would you give to students and young people who are just starting out in their careers, regarding the importance of continuous learning and professional development?

If there is one thing we all need to know and acknowledge, it is the fact that each and every one of us need to become lifelong learners. Our world is changing at the speed of light. One of the most important areas we need to master is the ability to constantly change and adapt, embracing innovation, and what is next. The only way to accomplish this is through continuous relevant, modern, and progressive education. 

What do you believe are the key qualities and attributes that employers look for in candidates today? What can students do to cultivate these qualities and stand out in the job market?

Employers of today are looking for well-rounded individuals who are highly educated and have the capabilities to collaborate, innovate, and adapt. They are looking for individuals who are leaders with deep caring and commitment to contribute, creating impactful outcomes for all, which in turn, brings collective growth and progress versus “me, myself, and I”.  

Higher education enables an individual to integrate soft skills with a high level of expertise, resulting in a well-rounded, well-educated leader who can extend compassion, embrace change, and cultivate collaboration. The best way to stand out in today’s world is to focus on your personal growth and development to the next level, so that you can confidently show up in the world in an impactful, empowering, and transformational way. 

What advice do you have for anyone who is hesitant to make a career change or take a leap?

First and foremost, find who you truly are – get to know yourself. What are your true gifts, talents, and passions? Create a plan for how you can bring ‘you’ to the world, to make the world a better place. I believe with that focus, you create joy and prosperity for your life.  Acknowledge the change that your heart, head, and or gut is asking for.

With having trust in yourself from taking this first step, you will put yourself on the path of walking right out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. Making concrete plans with achievable objectives enables you to work towards true change. Be prepared to put your entire self into it and meet challenges head on. You need to be prepared to fail sometimes and prepared to triumph too. 

Appreciate the present moment. Only look to the past with celebration of how far you have come, not dwelling too much on the failures or perfections, and do not worry catastrophically about the future. Look at the facts of the present moment and try not to let your emotions take over. 

Lastly, remember who you are. Do not feel that you have failed if the other side does not look exactly as you thought it would. There are many different forms and views of success. 

In your opinion, what is the importance of having the right accreditation and education when starting a career? How does it impact future opportunities and advancement?

With the emergence of technology and science, and the speed at which it is impacting our world, the future is here, and it is now. We can no longer conduct our life and careers as we did before.

The future of careers is all about the next level of adaptation, expertise, and progress that can only be achieved with modern, innovative, and cutting-edge higher education. The great news is that so many new careers, opportunities, and advancement will be available as the world moves forward. However, we all need to equip ourselves with the next level skills and knowledge to not only create a sustainable and prosperous career for ourselves, but to also contribute to the wellbeing of the world in which we live in. 

What specific accreditation and education programs does Lead | ROLFS Global Institute offer to ensure students have the right skills and qualifications for their desired careers?

Lead | ROLFS Global Institute is a state-of-the-art higher education pathway, applicable to address the career of our times and into the future, with a very modern, customized, and innovative approach. Lead | ROLFS Global Institute is focused on the needs and wants of the 21 century students and careers, creating well-rounded, confident, and impactful leaders for the world. 

Lead | ROLFS Global Institute, in collaboration with award winning, nationally accredited academic institutes, offers a customized, game-changing Associates and Bachelor’s degree pathway. One that is specifically focused on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and beyond with courses such as finance, communication, marketing, leadership, sustainability, collaboration, health and nutrition, science and more. 

With the rapid advancement of technology and social media, how does Lead | ROLFS Global Institute equip students with the necessary digital skills to thrive in the digital era?

The Lead | ROLFS Global Institute program is created with digital innovation at the center of its curriculum, teaching students how to adapt and thrive in this technologically advanced world. 

Our goal is to fully empower each and every student with the most advanced digital knowledge and tools to be able to interact with the modern world into the future with a high level of impact, confidence, and expertise.

For those interested in a career in beauty, who is eligible for your programs?

Anyone who loves to inspire and empower others while enjoying a great income, independence, sustainable career, and impact is exactly who this program is created for. This degree pathway is for those who want to join a global movement designed to transform one of the most powerful industries, the over 500-billion-dollar beauty industry, creating leaders ready to make the world a better place while enjoying one of the most modern and progressive careers. Lead | ROLFS Global Institute is for individuals who are passionate about becoming a leader in the powerful beauty industry while enjoying global exposure and experience, and a wide-range of career opportunities. 


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