MENTAL HEALTH: 10 Ways to de-stress

MENTAL HEALTH: 10 Ways to de-stress

We all can get stressed, whether it is about something in particular that is causing us angst in our lives, or that we are generally stressed trying to stay on top of all the commitments that make up our daily routine. 

I'm certainly not a stranger to stress. In fact, the main reason I started Educationery was because I wanted to take the stress out of so many other people's lives!

Given my desire to give stress the boot, today I thought I'd share my favourite ways to prevent (and also deal with) stress. You may already practice many of these activities, but carrying them out daily and simultaneously can really assist you to feel level headed, relaxed and clear minded…


1. Create an optimal morning routine

I like to think of the morning as your programmer. The way that you start in the morning can have a huge effect on how you feel entering into the rest of your day. For myself, an optimal morning routine includes the right, healthy breakfast; a shower to refresh myself; waking up with adequate time to get ready so I’m not rushing around; and finally, allowing myself enough time to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea before launching into the day.

2. Fuel your body with the right food

You would be amazed how much what you put into your body can effect your mood. Try to opt for foods that are low GI, low sugar, unprocessed and high in vitamins and minerals.

3. Schedule all of your to do's and tasks

Make your schedule bearable. Make sure to set out specific times for every activity in your day, this way you will avoid overspending or under spending time on certain activities. Neglecting tasks is what can leave you feeling stressed so try to avoid this.

4. Set aside time to get outside

This may seem simple but sometimes stress can be reduced simply by enjoying the fresh air! Sunshine is also fantastic to boost your Vitamin D levels - that's the stuff that helps to make you happy! 

5. Exercise

Exercise = endorphins! So lets get active! I love yoga, dancing and walks, but make sure to do whatever you enjoy, challenges you and leaves you feeling energized!

6. Seek support

Know that you’re not alone. Instead of allowing stress and anxiety to build up, be open and talk about your problems and feelings. Know that you always have friends and family that you can confide in.

7. Set aside quiet time

Whilst it is important to spend time with others, remember that some YOU time is very crucial. This time allows you to remind yourself of your values, goals and enjoy your own company. I like to find a quiet place, enjoy a cup of tea and read a book or indulge in a face mask because a little "me" time always puts a spring back in my step!

8. Meditation

This does not have to be intense meditation; it’s really about simply sitting still and noticing the movements of your breath. It is also a great idea to practice mindfulness, accepting your thoughts and emotions (both negative and positive) and allowing them to pass through your mind like little fluffy clouds in the sky. -You can thank my yoga teacher for this lovely reference!

9. Keep your environment positive

We may not recognize this, but sometimes, a task as simple as cleaning our room or desk can really assist us in feeling more on top of all of our duties and responsibilities. We can then spend our energy feeling clear minded and thinking about the important stuff!

10. Set aside time to be creative

This can be anything that you are interested in! Playing an instrument, painting, drawing or going outside to capture images of things you love with a camera. It’s all about using all your energy and concentration to do something you love.

Whether you employ one of these or all, I believe that they can be really simple, yet effective ways of reducing and preventing stress in our busy lives. It’s all about self-love, and being kind to yourself.

x Jess

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